Benefits of Lived Experience Expertise
I have been living with severe bipolar I disorder with frequent major depressive episodes and psychosis for over 20 years. After struggling for many years, I worked with my family and support team to reach recovery. I am now happily living in recovery. I know what it takes to overcome the many challenges to reach recovery. I can help you and your loved one with the following strategies based on Lived Experience Expertise and evidence-based approaches to enhance your recovery journey:
Fostering & Sustaining Hope
Regaining Self-Respect & Self-Esteem
Moving Past Shame & Stigma
Overcoming Withdrawal & Isolation
Countering Reluctance To Seek Help
Understanding & Accepting a Diagnosis
Understanding & Coordinating Treatment
Knowing What Questions To Ask Your Doctor
Addressing Treatment Non-Compilance
Talking About Difficult Topics
Working As A Family Unit
Building & Managing Personal Relationships
Dealing With Relapses & Hospitalizations
Developing & Practicing Self-Care Skills
Transitioning Back To Work Or School
Sharing Many Helpful Resources
I can help create an environment where recovery can grow and flourish.
We can all make important contributions to promoting recovery and helping people living with mental illness reach it. Our supporters support us, academics study us and clinicians treat us, but it is only us who live it. People living with mental illness are therefore experts by default – through their own lived experience. Ultimately, nobody can know us better than we can. I want to share the lived experience expertise I learned from my struggles and successes together with evidence-based approaches with you and your loved ones to help you reach recovery together.
Read how my lived experience helped one family

Firsthand knowledge and experience about consumers unmet needs amid the evolving treatment landscape. Providing insights from lived experience expertise to enhance patient treatment outcomes. Understanding patient perspectives when forecasting the impact of new treatment options. Appreciating how patients define recovery for themselves. I look forward to hearing from you.

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